This package is no longer available. Please select a different package to proceed.
Training Packages
Click the Sign-Up button below to purchase a package. Once you have purchased the package, you can then use any credits associated with that package.

For group classes, this is done by returning to the Home screen and signing up for the class as usual, then checking out. Your credits will be applied automatically.

For private training, including in-home group class orientations, we will receive a notification that you have enrolled in a package and we'll get in touch to schedule your visits. If you're not sure we can work around your schedule or would like to know the next available appointment time, you can contact us first at 316-712-6450 and set a tentative appointment, then complete registration.

Packages are refundable until 48 hours before your first appointment. We do not offer refunds after your training package has been initiated. Following through with your training in full is the only way to see the results you want!
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