4b) Woofy Dog Manners School Package - $225
This package includes a 4-session Woofy Dog Manners School group class and a private in-home or in-facility (if outside our service area) session.

The first session of class is humans-only.  A private session is then scheduled and completed before the second session of class.  The final three group sessions will be spent practicing training routines. 


Woofy Dog Manners School is a structured environment tailored to dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs on leash.  The goal of the class is to improve your dog's manners around other dogs, not to work on off-leash play or social interactions. If your dog has actually bitten another dog, this class may be taken with your dog once he is comfortable wearing a muzzle for 1.5 hours.  We can provide guidance.

This class is not appropriate for dogs with human-directed aggression.  The trainer must be able to handle and demo with your dog. 

We structure the class to keep dogs "under threshold", which means no barking and lunging, while introducing replacement behaviors such as loose leash walking and eye contact with the handler.  We the gradually introduce exposure to other dogs at a level your dog can continue to be successful.  

Please understand this class is not intended to fully resolve a complex behavior issue, but to offer a place to learn the mechanics of training a reactive dog, as well as practice some basic exercises with guidance from professional trainers. 


Graduates of Woofy Dog Manners School I can go directly into Woofy Dog Manners School II for 4 additional group training lessons.  Woofy Dog Manners School II can be repeated if desired.  

Please let us know if you have any other questions to determine if this is the right class for you!

Items Included:
Woofy Dog Manners School I
One Hour Private Training
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